Saturday, March 27, 2010


Dear Friends !
Worst time is yet to come for us. National Anamoly Committee has not agreed for fixation of pay of promotees at par with direct recruits in the meeting held today and the issue will be further discussed in the next meeting dates for which has not been decided. (Details of meeting can be viewed under the heading 'ANAMOLY COMMITTEE MEETING'. However, Govt. has given the decision that where a promotee is getting less pay than the junior and both has been placed in same seniority list, pay of the promotee can be stepped up eith his junior direct recruit.
It means that we have to wait for direct recruited AAOs in our department to get our pay stepped up with them. But I doubt if this will happen. As SSC have published recruitment notice named "SAS APPRENTICES IN CGDA EXAMINATION,2010" details of which are to be published in Employement News dated 27th Mar to 2nd April 2010. If this recruits will be placed in seniority list with us, than our pay can be stepped up with them from the date of their joining. This will result in losing our arrears for the preceeding time which is certainly against the nature of justice.
Further, pay of Assistants is being fixed using entierely a different formula.
Can different formulaes be adopted for fixation of pay in different department of the same Government?????
This is not the time to sit comfortabely with a hope that things will change automatically.
So come forward and give your comments about what we should do now.


  1. soch achi hai, pahle 7500 ke coresponding fixation ke liye har station se max. Application CGDA ko bheje, uske bad nahi hota hai to court me jana chahia.

  2. dear friends..
    our case is still to be referred to Min of Finance as no representation has been received in hqrs office... so make ur representations as fast as possible