Saturday, March 27, 2010

Anomaly in fixation of Pay of promotees and direct recruits



Ms. Sushama Nath

Secretary Expenditure

Ministry of Finance

North Block

New Delhi-01

Dear Madam,

Sub: Anomaly in fixation of Pay of promotees and direct recruits – agenda item No.5(iv) of the National Anomaly Committee-regarding

We solicit your kind reference to the minutes of the National Anomaly Committee meeting held on 12th December 2009 under the chairmanship of the Secretary (Personnel)- on the above issue at pages 4 and 5, circulated Vide O.M.No.11/2/2008- JCA dated 5.2.2010. The operative part of discussion, as is incorporated in the last sentence in page 5 reads as under:

"The Chairman suggested the Department of Expenditure to re-exam the matter"

During on discussion , The Joint Secretary(Personnel) had observed that in case where the promotee and post 1.01.2006 direct recruits are borne on the same seniority list and the senior is drawing less basic pay than junior, the pay of senior can be stepped up. This no doubt, only partially remove the anomaly.

As per the above observation the ministry of Railways issued an order, on 17.2.2010 a copy of which is enclosed for your ready reference. In para 2 thereof, it has stated that the said order has been issued in consultation with the Ministry of Finance.

We shall be grateful if similar orders are issued by the Department Expenditure so that the employees similarly placed in other departments could get the benefit thereof, howsoever limited it is.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

KKN Kutty

Secretary General

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